About Us

About Dr. Benn


 Dr. Benn is a board certified Family Medicine physician who  has been working with patients for over 20 years to help them achieve optimal health and well being. Having experience in multiple medical care settings such as primary care, emergency room, urgent care, and in patient hospital, Dr. Benn believes in treating the whole patient to her highest capability.  Dr. Benn believes in coordinating care with patients' specialists in hopes to avoid emergency room visits and hospitalizations.  She treats each patient as an individual and keeps her practice small so that a patient is not just a number.   

My Mission


 My mission is to provide my patients with with personalized, up to date, high quality health care. I am dedicated to working with my patients to ensure that they remain healthy throughout their lives. I believe in a team approach and education so that my patients understand their health and illness which enables them to make changes to become even healthier. 

We Can Do It


From age 15 years old -100+ years, healthy or sick, we care for you in a personal and compassionate manner right in our warm and friendly office.